Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our 4 day Weekend: Recap

*GASP: I'm seriously updating before Maddi's 4 month!! Proud moment. Hopefully my blogging will continue to grow and get better. It's much needed.

Thursday: We went to Christopher's Organizational Day at work.. Maddi and I watched Daddy play some football, Chris and I ate some BBQ and chit chatted with everyone he works with. The weather sucked!!
Miss Maddi all bundled up!

Thursday night, hung out with the Ulrich's! :) Love them! We had pizza and watched a movie--annnnd Amanda and I might have stayed up till 2 am chatting/gossiping! ha!

Friday: Amanda and I went to Michael's and I bought a TON of ribbon to make some bows for Maddi. I'm also attempting to make a tutu bow holder. Will def. make a post with the results of both!! :) It was also the first time I left Maddi with her Daddy, FIRST TIME ever! He did a wonderful job and I feel sooo relieved. Not that I didnt think he could do it, I guess it's just me, or "mother's instinct" that was worried something would go wrong.

First bow attempt--turned out 'okay'.

My little model--showing off mommy's bow skills. Ha!
Hopefully they get better with practice.

Saturday: Chris and I were able to go on a DINNER date :) We went to Korean BBQ and than out to a friend's Halloween get-together! Soooo much fun!! Chris was a creep from this video. Haha! I dressed as a zombie--hardest costume I've ever had to be because I have never done scary? I'm weird. I know. Special Thanks to Auntie Amanda and Uncle Sam for watching miss Maddi! :)

Christopher and I

The "Creep"

Sunday: Maddi, Chris, and I LITERALLY lounged ALLLLL Day. Didn't do a darn thing but eat, watch some football, a couple movies and LOTS OF NAPS! :) hehehe. Love those kind of days.

Monday: Sad to see the weekend come to an end--but we had a great "extended" weekend. We are doing our PILES AND MOUNDS of laundry today! 
YUCK... but it must be done.

How was your weekend?

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  1. He doesn't look like a creep..he looks like Mr. Bean ;) haha. We enjoyed having Maddi stay with us. <3