Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Madison's 6 Month: Half a year!!

Baby’s Weight: Madison went in early for her 6 month check-up for a screening to be cleared for a move to Korea. She weighed 14lbs 12 oz!
Baby’s Height: She was also 26.5 inches making her ranked in the 77th percentile for height for her age--definitely has her mommy's long legs.
Baby’s Routine: Maddi is still up around 7:30-8am and follows the same ol' routine when possible. Eating every 3 hours. Lately though, we've been on the go, trying to get everything ready and packed for Korea. This makes it nearly impossible to follow her routine exactly, which sometimes equals a fussy/cranky baby. Hopefully our routine gets back to normal soon.

New Foods I liked: We tried avocado, LOVED it! Tried green beans and peas--you HATED them. And you loved your bananas!

New Discoveries I made: Your babbling definitely amuses you. And your little squeals! So funny. You are also learning to sit up.
My Accomplishments: Babbling and Squealing! You can sit unassisted for about 8-10 seconds. You will soon be sitting all on your own!
Places I Went: California a couple days before Christmas.. We will soon be living back in Cali for a short time, while Daddy heads to Korea. Hopefully we can meet up with him soon.
Special Memories: Spending Christmas Day with your grandparents, uncles and aunties, great-grandma Galbert and of course, mommy and daddy. You loved the wrapping paper, of course. You also sat up particularly well on Christmas day!

I love this picture of you and Daddy. So precious!

Practicing sitting up--you fell over a few seconds after this was snapped ;)

Your very first go at eating solids--Avocados. You loved them! 

Christmas eve-Grammy and I gave you a lil pony.
How cute are you? ;)

Grandma spoils you to no end. 

Mommy and Maddi on Christmas Day 

Christmas eve--helping mommy and grammy wrap presents.
Daddy gave you a Lemon-your face is priceless

Too cute!

Happy 6 Months Madison Kay-Jean! Mommy and Daddy Love You!

Madison turns 5 Months

Baby’s Weight: Madison weighed 13lbs 14 oz at her check-up last month, my guess is she's about 14lbs 5oz! Growin' so fast.

Baby’s Height: Im assuming she's about 26 inches now.

Baby’s Routine: Maddi still follows just about the same routine as written in the last post. She's up for the day between 7-8 am and down between 8-9pm. She has been sleeping through the entire night. Sometimes 12-13 hours. Crazy.

New Foods I liked: No new foods yet, still being breastfed and formula fed. Bought a baby bullet though because we will be making baby food SOONish! :)

New Discoveries I made: Maddi can roll over front to back, and back to front with ease now! She is now practicing sitting up!

My Accomplishments: Giggling, perfected rolling over both ways, and learning to sit up slowly but surely!

Places I Went: California, again--but this time, as a family, for Thanksgiving.
Special Memories: For Halloween, since you are a bit to young to trick-or-treat, Daddy and I took you to dinner just so people could see you in your costume :) You were just to cute to be cooped up inside. For Thanksgiving, we were able to spend it in California with both your grammies and papa Mike. We had so much fun and are so thankful to have been able to spend it with our family back in Cali.

Maddi's First Halloween 

She was facebookin' with her Grammy Bear ;)

My Sweet Girl in her new Sunbaby Cloth Diapers--LOVE them. 


Grammy and Momma took Maddi to see the Coca Cola Polar Bear.
It was Santa and not even Thanksgiving yet. Strange. But Maddi is adorable, nonetheless. 

Meeting her cousin Kaylin for the first time--Born November 15, 2011. 

Happy 1st Thanksgiving Maddi Cakes!

Happy 5 Months Sweet girl! We love you!