Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Madison's 4 month!

*I realize this is quite a bit late, but better late than never I suppose.

Baby’s Weight: Madison now weighs 13lbs 14 oz! Mommy’s big girl!

Baby’s Height: Baby Maddi is 25 ½ inches long. She definitely has her momma’s legs! She is wearing 9 mo. baby pants because her legs are so long!

Baby’s Routine: Maddi has set more of a routine in the last month by herself if we're at home and not on the go--she will follow this routine to T. She wakes up between 7-8 am, eats every 3 hours on the dot. Her schedule is usually as follows: 
8 am: Breastfed
9-10am: Nap 
11am: Breastfed
1pm: Nap
2pm: Bottle of Formula (6 oz)
2-5pm: Cat naps, Play time. 
5 pm: Bottle of Formula (6 oz)
5:30-7pm: Play time with Daddy when he gets home from work
7pm: Swing while Mommy and Daddy eat dinner, cleanup. 
8pm: Bathtime, and Breastfed
9pm: Bedtime :) 

New Foods I liked: Maddi is still being breastfed and formula fed strictly—2 more months and we can begin solids! I want to feed her bananna’s and sweet potatoes already!! Haha. Kidding—while I look forward to feeding her something other than milk, I can wait because I absolutely enjoy breastfeeding my Maddi girl when I get the chance to. I just look forward to making my own baby food and seeing her master, yet another milestone. I love watching her grow!

New Discoveries I made: Maddi discovered her feet in the last month. She is chewing on her hands and feet constantly. She has rolled over from back to tummy once and is now perfecting the rollover from tummy to back.

Maddi chewing on her feeties :)

My Accomplishments: She is learning to giggle, rolling over pretty well, and have learned to place all things in your mouth! Silly girl! 

Places I Went: We went to Cali again for a week while Daddy went to another training, and we attended your Auntie Amber's Wedding on the 22nd of October.  :)

Maddi and I at Auntie Amber's Wedding 

Special Memories: We were able to go to Hawes Farm, the pumpkin patch while down in Cali for a week. Your VERY FIRST pumpkin patch-- We went with your Auntie Lesly, Uncle Chris, Grammy and Papa Mike. 

Maddi sportin' a Halloween Outfit

Maddi, Mommy, Grammy, and Papa Mike at Hawes Farm

Random Day in Cali--Auntie Les came to visit. 

Went to the Sundial Bridge with Aunt Missy and her boyfriend--Breast Cancer Awareness

Happy 4 Months Madison Kay-Jean!!