Friday, September 30, 2011

Madison's Three Month Birthday

*I need to improve on my blogging skills--at least posting weekly, instead of monthly. We'll see how that works out. ha.

Baby's Weight: Maddi doesn't have another appt. until she is 4 mo. However, by my calculations on the scale (if my scale and calculations are accurate) she is roughly 13lbs.

Baby's Length: Madison was measured at 22.5 inches at her last appointment. My guess is she has grown at least 2 inches since. She's a tall baby :) Takes after her mommy in that department--will make for some dreadful middle school years. I was taller than most girls and definitely taller than all boys.. hehe.

Baby's Routine: No real routine during the day.. we just go with the flow. Maddi sleeps and eats whenever she pleases throughout the day. However, we have established a bit of a nighttime routine. Around 8:30 or 9pm we give Maddi her bath, swaddle her in her swaddleme blanket, nurse her and she is out. My princess will sleep pretty consistently through the night after her last feed. Generally from about 10pm until 6am. Although, last night was rough...I blame the vaccinations for that though.

New Foods I Liked: Still a combination of breast milk and formula. Grandma and I did let her suck on red licorice for a sec. ha. Not sure if she liked it or not. (I know, SUGAR. blah blah blah--but I did it anyway. Shoot me.) Can't wait to start some veggies in a couple months!!

New Discoveries I Made: Has discovered her voice--she loves to coo and screech. ha!She is still LOVING to chew and suck on her hands. She also began rubbing her feet together--so thinking her feet will be discovered soon!

My Accomplishments: Maddi's head control is perfected :). Smiles constantly--a much happier baby these days.Waiting on her first giggles! She is able to roll from her tummy to back.

Places I Went: Spent pretty much the entire month in Cali-went to Maddi's first fair, and had a slumber party with her Aunties in Paradise.

Special Memories: Spending the month in Cali while her daddy was away "playing army"--well training in the field. Special Memories include--slumber party with some of her beautiful aunties, going to Maddi's first fair with family, meeting and spending time with more family members, and of course celebrating Maddi's 3 Month and Grandma's 45th birthday. 

>>Here are some pictures from the past month:

Daddy kissing his babygirl goodbye. He was leaving for the field. 

Maddi and her Aunties! (Kayla, Lesly & Andee)

Baby Orangutan Hair!..hehehe. 
I always call her monkey--So stinkin' cute!

Meeting cousins Ashur, Ebin and Lucien for the first time. 

Maddi went and watched Auntie Lesly and Auntie Kayla play volleyball. 
Auntie Les made her a tie-dye onsie to match their team. :)

Auntie Lindsey and Uncle Josh bought this cute little costume for miss Maddi.
My little Love bug!! :) 

Maddi's first fair experience: Caricature of the princess

Grandma, Grandpa and Mommy--enjoying corn dogs.
 What is a fair without corn dogs?

Watching the Destruction Derby. It was a bit chilly. 

Grandma's 45th Birthday! 

Madison Kay-Jean at 3 Months: