Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our 4 day Weekend: Recap

*GASP: I'm seriously updating before Maddi's 4 month!! Proud moment. Hopefully my blogging will continue to grow and get better. It's much needed.

Thursday: We went to Christopher's Organizational Day at work.. Maddi and I watched Daddy play some football, Chris and I ate some BBQ and chit chatted with everyone he works with. The weather sucked!!
Miss Maddi all bundled up!

Thursday night, hung out with the Ulrich's! :) Love them! We had pizza and watched a movie--annnnd Amanda and I might have stayed up till 2 am chatting/gossiping! ha!

Friday: Amanda and I went to Michael's and I bought a TON of ribbon to make some bows for Maddi. I'm also attempting to make a tutu bow holder. Will def. make a post with the results of both!! :) It was also the first time I left Maddi with her Daddy, FIRST TIME ever! He did a wonderful job and I feel sooo relieved. Not that I didnt think he could do it, I guess it's just me, or "mother's instinct" that was worried something would go wrong.

First bow attempt--turned out 'okay'.

My little model--showing off mommy's bow skills. Ha!
Hopefully they get better with practice.

Saturday: Chris and I were able to go on a DINNER date :) We went to Korean BBQ and than out to a friend's Halloween get-together! Soooo much fun!! Chris was a creep from this video. Haha! I dressed as a zombie--hardest costume I've ever had to be because I have never done scary? I'm weird. I know. Special Thanks to Auntie Amanda and Uncle Sam for watching miss Maddi! :)

Christopher and I

The "Creep"

Sunday: Maddi, Chris, and I LITERALLY lounged ALLLLL Day. Didn't do a darn thing but eat, watch some football, a couple movies and LOTS OF NAPS! :) hehehe. Love those kind of days.

Monday: Sad to see the weekend come to an end--but we had a great "extended" weekend. We are doing our PILES AND MOUNDS of laundry today! 
YUCK... but it must be done.

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kayla's 24th Birthday

Kayla's "Golden" Birthday--She turned 24 on the 24th. :) We decided to throw her a little surprise party. Miss Kayla thought we were just doing dinner at Tres. Little did she know, we had all planned a little scheme. Lesly was to pick Kayla and her brother up. However, she would conveniently forget her clutch at home and need to go get it. After all, she needed her ID to have a few drinks with the birthday girl! The rest of us waited patiently anxiously back at the house to surprise Kayla as she walked in to retrieve Lesly's infamous clutch. I also fibbed and told Kays I wouldn't be able to attend dinner because I had not found a babysitter for my Maddi girl. Hehe--we're so sneaky.

Anyway, it all went as planned and it was a success.
And here we all are in our cute dressies! :)

Birthday Girl --Happy 24th Kays!

We had wine, cheese, spinach dip, etc.
I also found a recipe for these amazing Strawberry Jello Shooters on Pinterest that you can find here
 (Side note: Pinterest was an amazing invention--GENIUS)

After eating, chatting and spending time at the house, we called a cab and headed on out. The girls introduced me to the Kareoke Cab and we headed to LaSalles. 

Miss Les and I at LaSalles

Kareoke Cab ride-
Don't laugh too much at our silliness. :) Love these girls!