Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maddi Kay is now 2 months!!

Baby's Weight: Madison now weighs 11lbs and 4 oz. Up four lbs since birth :). Growing way tooo fast for mommy!

Baby's Length: Madison was measured at 22.5 inches at her check-up appointment yesterday. Grown three inches!! Craziness.

Baby's Routine: No real routine during the day.. we just go with the flow. Maddi sleeps and eats whenever she pleases throughout the day. However, we have established a bit of a nighttime routine. Around 8:30 or 9pm we give Maddi her bath, swaddle her in her swaddleme blanket, nurse her and she is out. My princess will sleep pretty consistently through the night after her last feed. Generally from about 10pm until 6am. Although, last night was rough...I blame the vaccinations for that though. 

Miss Maddi and her favorite--BATH TIME! :)

New Foods I Liked: Baby Maddi is still being breastfed. Will also have formula when needed. She is on the "strict milk" diet. haha. Couple more months before we can begin feeding other foods :)

New Discoveries I Made: Madison has discovered her hands! She loves to suck on them. Also a sign of hunger, so it can sometimes confuse momma! LOVES ceiling fans--I hear most babies do. But definitely a good babysitter when I need to get a few dishes done! :) She's still liking bright lights..sunshine, blue LED light coming from the fan, the color and movement on t.v., etc.

My Accomplishments: Maddi's head control is almost perfected :). Still doing her "mini push-ups" during tummy time and have her sitting in her bumbo a few minutes a day. She LOVES to sit up.

Places I Went: Madison went to Seattle with mommy and daddy and Auntie Amanda and Uncle Sam. We went to Pike's Place to the Farmer's Market. We also went to the Rainforest Cafe. Yummy. Madison also took her second trip to Cali. We spent a little over 2 weeks at Grandma and Grandpa's house. She visited her aunties and uncles.

Special Memories: Spending over two weeks in Cali with my parents and Maddi was amazing. We were able to see so many people and everyday brought a great memory. Maddi met some more aunties, great-great aunties, uncle timmy, and cousins. 

Sending Daddy a special birthday message--Daddy's birthday was August 14th.  

Madison Kay-Jean at 2 months old:

Madison at One Month


Baby's Weight: Madison now weighs 9lbs and 6 oz. Up two lbs since birth :). Love my chunky monkey.

Baby's Length: Madison was measured at 20.5 inches at birth, but at her doctors appt. 3 days later she was 19.5 inches. Today she is 21 inches.

Baby's Routine: No real routine yet for baby Maddi. While mommy would LOVE to set a routine and schedule, baby Maddi has other plans and sleeps and eats when she wants. ;) She generally eats every 3-4 hours and sleeping patterns are ALL over the place. She wakes at a different hour every night.. no set time. I can generally judge that she'll wake every 3 hours from the time she falls asleep at night.

New Foods I Liked: Baby Maddi is only eating breast milk every 3-4 hours and will be for her first six months as recommended by her pediatrician.

New Discoveries I Made: Madison notices sounds, but mainly voices and will turn her head in the direction of the voice. She also likes bright lights and will generally look in the direction of any light--LOVES the big living room windows and the sun shining through.

My Accomplishments: Maddi's little head is getting much stronger, and is able to control her head movements fairly well. She is doing her "mini push-ups" during tummy time.

Places I Went: Madison took her first trip to Cali at just 4 days old. She did so well on such a long 10 hour car ride--I contribute this to the fact that newborns SLEEP soooo much. ;) She also went on her first trip to the zoo on the 24th of July. We went with Auntie Amanda and Uncle Sam--she slept in her stroller for most of that trip as well. Mommy bought her 2 new books from the zoo. "Big Babies, Little Babies" and "First Animal Pictures". Can't wait to read them with you babygirl. 
Maddi in her zoo outfit from Auntie Amanda :) 

Polar Bear at the zoo! Loved it.

Chris, Maddi and I also took a quick trip to Mount Rainier. It was such a beautiful day. We hiked about a mile to one of the many waterfalls on the mountain and it was amazing!
Chris, Maddi and I.

Special Memories: Mommy's favorite holiday is the 4th of July--She took baby Maddi home to Cali to share with friends and family such a special holiday. Not only did many family and friends get to share a holiday with us, but they got to meet precious Madison. We went to the parade, had an amazing BBQ, watched the Red Bluff firework display, and of course watched and played with our own fireworks. It was a great day!

Madison Kay-Jean at One Month: