Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Madison's 6 Month: Half a year!!

Baby’s Weight: Madison went in early for her 6 month check-up for a screening to be cleared for a move to Korea. She weighed 14lbs 12 oz!
Baby’s Height: She was also 26.5 inches making her ranked in the 77th percentile for height for her age--definitely has her mommy's long legs.
Baby’s Routine: Maddi is still up around 7:30-8am and follows the same ol' routine when possible. Eating every 3 hours. Lately though, we've been on the go, trying to get everything ready and packed for Korea. This makes it nearly impossible to follow her routine exactly, which sometimes equals a fussy/cranky baby. Hopefully our routine gets back to normal soon.

New Foods I liked: We tried avocado, LOVED it! Tried green beans and peas--you HATED them. And you loved your bananas!

New Discoveries I made: Your babbling definitely amuses you. And your little squeals! So funny. You are also learning to sit up.
My Accomplishments: Babbling and Squealing! You can sit unassisted for about 8-10 seconds. You will soon be sitting all on your own!
Places I Went: California a couple days before Christmas.. We will soon be living back in Cali for a short time, while Daddy heads to Korea. Hopefully we can meet up with him soon.
Special Memories: Spending Christmas Day with your grandparents, uncles and aunties, great-grandma Galbert and of course, mommy and daddy. You loved the wrapping paper, of course. You also sat up particularly well on Christmas day!

I love this picture of you and Daddy. So precious!

Practicing sitting up--you fell over a few seconds after this was snapped ;)

Your very first go at eating solids--Avocados. You loved them! 

Christmas eve-Grammy and I gave you a lil pony.
How cute are you? ;)

Grandma spoils you to no end. 

Mommy and Maddi on Christmas Day 

Christmas eve--helping mommy and grammy wrap presents.
Daddy gave you a Lemon-your face is priceless

Too cute!

Happy 6 Months Madison Kay-Jean! Mommy and Daddy Love You!

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